Each year, the Junior Service League of Grand Junction allocates funds raised through the Viva el Vino event and silent auction donations. Those funds are granted to various non-profit organizations in Mesa County that serve women, children and families in need. The JSL grant application for the local non-profits to request funds is generally advertised and available the beginning of July through mid-August.  The JSL Community Giving Committee then meets several times to determine which organizations will receive funding.  There are many worthy non-profit organizations in Mesa County, and the JSL Community Giving Committee considers their responsibility of making difficult decisions very serious. JSL developed a grant rating criteria and grading system to help the committee make informed and equitable decisions.  After the selection process is complete and voted on, JSL awards the chosen grant recipients with the funds in December at a celebratory dinner. Please review the list of our past grant recipients.

If you are involved with a Mesa County non-profit and are interested in applying for funding, please click on the grant guidelines tab to see if your organization qualifies, or send an email to [email protected]  We look forward to hearing from you!

Our 2019-2020 grant applications are now closed. We will open our application process next year from July 2020 to August 2020.

The Community Giving Program enables Junior Service League (JSL) of Grand Junction to support non-profit community organizations rendering services that enhance the quality of life for women, children and families in Mesa County.

The GRANT GUIDELINES in conjunction with the GRANT APPLICATION explain which organizations are eligible to receive JSL funds. Please read the documents carefully and follow all instructions. Also, feel free to email the Committee Chair-person at [email protected] with any questions.

Community Giving Grant Guidelines

All grant requests will be carefully evaluated by JSL members of the Community Giving Committee, and all applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  1. All applicants must have at least a three-member Board of Directors.
  2. Applicants must have non-profit 501(c)(3) status with the IRS.
  3. All programs must have been operating for no less than two (2) years, by application deadline.
  4. Upon request, all applicants must be able to provide previous fiscal year financial statement (audited if available) in addition to current fiscal year budget.
  5. Requests should not exceed $10,000.00.
  6. All JSL funds must be used in Mesa County and primarily serve Mesa County residents.
  7. JSL will not accept requests from:
  • Sectarian/Religious programs designed specifically for their member’s benefit
  • Animal rights organizations, not excluding Animal Welfare
  • Federal, State or Local governments
  • Political groups / candidates
  • Media organizations
  • Trade associations
  • Fundraising drives
  • JSL’s own events
  1. JSL does not accept requests for:
    Multi-year funding
    Funding to cover operational costs only, no salary or employee costs
  2. JSL will NOT award more than one (1) grant per year to any organization, INCLUDING parent corporations or subsidiaries.
  3. Any JSL member serving on a Board of Directors or employed by an organization applying for a grant shall abstain from voting on a grant application in committee. In addition, said member must notify the Committee Chairperson of her position with the organization.
  4. Funds must be committed and used within one (1) year from date of receipt, i.e. funds awarded in December 2017 must be used by December 31, 2018.
  5. If funding is granted, JSL requires the receiving agency to submit a full progress report on the use of the money granted by DECEMBER 31st OF THE FOLLOWING YEAR. Failure to turn in this report will result in the organization possibly being ineligible for further consideration in any future years. A form/guideline is provided for this purpose.
  6. All applicants must complete the JSL Grant Application in full, including all supporting documents, by the deadline, WHICH IS August 15, 2017. –NOTE: Late or incomplete applications will not be reviewed or considered for funding.

The members of the COMMUNITY GIVING COMMITTEE look forward to reading your application.


2017 Clifton Christian Church Food and Clothing2500
2017 Colorado Discover Ability3500
2017 Community Food Bank4500
2017 Court Appointed Special Advocates of Mesa County1000
2017 Fruita Thrift Shop’s Imagination Library1000
2017 Girl Scouts of Colorado1000
2017 Good Samaritan Clinic2000
2017 Grand Junction Imagination Library2000
2017 Grand Mesa Nordic Council2000
2017 Grand Valley Equine Assisted Learning Center1700
2017 Grant A Wish2000
2017 High Desert Opera1000
2017 High Country Aviation Workshop for Kids1000
2017 First Presbyterian Church Grand Junction1800
2017 Homeward Bound of the Grand Valley Inc2000
2017 Hope of the Grand Valley4000
2017 Kids Aid1500
2017 Orchard Mesa Food Pantry2500
2017 St. Mary’s Foster Grand Parent Program2500
2017 Thunder Mountain Elementary1500
2017 Western Colorado Area Health Education Center2000
2017 Western Colorado Center for the Arts2000
2017 Western Colorado Suicide Prevention Foundation5000
2016Clifton Christian Church Food and Clothing3000
2016Colorado Canyons Association2000
2016Colorado Discover Ability3000
2016Colorado Plateau Mountain Bike Trail Association1500
2016Community Food Bank3000
2016Court Appointed Special Advocates of Mesa County1000
2016Fruita Thrift Shop’s Imagination Library500
2016Grand Junction Imagination Library500
2016Hilltop Community Resources Inc.1000
2016Hope of the Grand Valley2000
2016Karis Inc. dba Zoe House2000
2016Kids Aid1500
2016Marillac Clinic2000
2016Mesa Land Trust2500
2016Mesa Youth Services, Inc. dba Mesa County Partners1000
2016Riverside Educational Center2500
2016The Salvation Army2000
2016St. Mary’s Foster Grand Parent Program1500
2016Western Colorado Area Health Education Center2000
2016Western Colorado Center for the Arts1500
2016Western Colorado Suicide Prevention Foundation2000
2015Riverside Educational Center1000
2015Colorado National Monument Association2000
2015Marillac Clinic2500
2015Kids Aid1600
2015Community Food Bank5000
2015Grand Mesa Nordic Council5000
2015Colorado Riverfront Foundation, Inc.2500
2015The Salvation Army2500
2015Fruita Thrift Shop’s Imagination Library1000
2015Mesa County Partners1000
2015Grand Valley Catholic Outreach1500
2015Mesa Land Trust3500
2015Hilltop Community Resources, Inc.2400
2015Western Colorado Center for the Arts1000
2015Colorado Canyons Association5000
2015St. Mary’s Foster Grandparent Program1500
2015Clifton Christian Church Food and Clothing5000
2015Grand Junction Imagination Library1000
2014Hilltop Community Resources, Inc.2910
2014Community Food Bank2500
2014Marillac Clinic2500
2014Kids Aid2500
2014Salvation Army2500
2014Ariel Clinical Services2500
2014Grand Junction Imagination Library2485
2014D51 Foundation2000
2014Mesa Land Trust2000
2014St. Mary’s Foster Grandparent Program2000
2014Fire Football Club1500
2014John McConnell Math and Science Center1150
2014Riverside Educational Center1000
2014Colorado National Monument Association1000
2014Desert Edge Therapy955
2014Mesa County Partners865
2014Fruita Thrift Shop and Imagination Library500

The Junior Service League’s Community Giving grant qualification guidelines require our grant recipients to complete a report detailing how they used JSL’s award.  The report must be received by the last day of the year for which the grant was awarded (for example the 2014 grant recipients, this form is due December 31, 2015.)  If an organization fails to comply with this requirement, they may be put on non-eligible status for any future grant cycles and may be required to return the money already awarded.  Please avoid any unnecessary complications by complying with this simple rule.  Also, please note that this verification process is necessary for JSL to maintain its non-profit status. Click below to download the Grant Tracking Form.

Grant Tracking Form